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  • Any plans to update the hardware files on github to reflect the new changes with the added 32kHz Crystal?

  • I started out using Xamarin and I like the idea of being able to write code once and use it on iOS and Android and if you like Xamarin for that reason too then you should check out B4X they support iOS, Android, Desktop (Windows, OSX, Linux) and Arduino obviously not everything converts perfectly to all platforms but in most cases at least 90% does. Best part is with their hosted builder option you don't even need to own a Mac to compile iOS apps from a Windows machine.

  • I know this is supposed to be a puzzle and all but please at least let people know there are some minimum requirements, I just spent the last 3 hours trying to get this thing to work on windows 7 thinking that getting the serial port working is part of the puzzle only to finally try the device on a windows 10 machine and realize the serial drivers just don't work on windows 7. I probably shouldn't be on windows 7 anyway but I do have some older dev tools that I still need windows 7 for.

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