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  • Pete, can you do an episode on Contact Resistance? My FlashForge printer died and I found that the connector a 'KEFA' was seriously fried on the ground pin (burnt to a crisp). I managed to get a Molex which was rated for an additional 5A. Talked to my boss and he said that even Molex connectors suck because most are Tin plated. Unfortunately gold plated connector have an 11 week lead time and a minimum quantity in the thousands..... What can I do? What should I do? How to fix? All these and other interesting answer I await thee in a video.

  • Wait --- this $3 thingy is REAL Bluetooth, not BLE? What sucks is all these BLE stuff. No streaming audio..... The only thing I use Bluetooth for is audio.

  • Does anyone know how to update the alamac or ephermis on these things? I've been having really, really, long cold start times. I have the SiRFDemo software and allows for uploads of said data (or at least the program can do it, whether the chip will accept it is a different story).
    Usually phones with gps get a "QuickFix" update, they call it.

    p.s. - I HATE the FFC connector. I swear I got a bend or kink at the end of the blue tape. If you are going to get one of these and need the ribbon, get a few of them....

  • Thanks. I'm assuming all 4 caps.

    FYI: I got our Dir of Eng to push a new project based on the PSoC5 and what I demo'd to him using your board, for an industrial X-Ray controller board. Guess I'll have a few months to play PSoC5 and get paid for it. :)

  • So, I order the 32 KHz crystal (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/540) and the 20 Mhz crystal (https://www.sparkfun.com/products/534) to put on this board. I'm confused about the FreeSoc2 schematics. I should have C18 and C24 (C14 and C12 are DNP). Neither of the caps look like they are there.... C18 and C24 are spec'd at 22pF, but the 32 KHz crystal sold by SparkFun is spec'd at 12.5pF. Could I get an answer on what caps I need (and preferably a link to buy... ). I presume this was tested....

  • Wait a sec. Just got an email that said to remove C8. Now I see a picture saying remove "this" capacitor, not "these" capacitors. Should or, or should I not, leave C10 in? I'm confused. :)

  • Absolutely. The biggest offenders are those pushing PIC chip microcontrollers. Of course, I've been giving much opportunity trying to save a byte here and there...... (reminds me of my old favorite periodical - Dr. Dobbs Journal of Calisthenics & Orthodontia - Running Light without Over Byte).

  • Remains to be seen which PSoC5LP they used..... I hope not the lowest-end on. I give up on buying dev kits with only the lowest-end product. Should have the highest-end product. After prototyping, you can see the actual amount of resources used and get the appropriate package. But, too small to begin with, and you are stuck.

  • MarkS, I've been looking to turn my RN-52 into a master, as well. However, even though the data sheet implies a master mode, it ain't there. However...... If someone is feeling daring..... I just found this on Microchip's site - http://www.microchip.com/wwwproducts/Devices.aspx?product=RN52SRC . Now, reading the firmware notes, it also implies that you can flash a your RN52 with this DFU - http://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/rn52src-i_rm100.dfu and turn it into a "master" that can source audio...... Who wants to try?

    If anyone does this, could you please let me know the results? I only have the one and I don't want to brick it.

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