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  • For sensor located outside value range is 0.05 at night to 400+ in daylight, for sensor in living room that has half of ping pong ball on it value range is 0 an night with lights off to < 1 in daylight

    Here is some graphs, third column http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/6563/hbtz.png

    At the moment: (night, lights on)

    • covered with ping pong ball - 0.56
    • uncovered - 2.51

    Seems to me that ping-pong ball is not the best option

    When uncovered sensor was pointed another way it never reached 1.

    According to examples here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lux I'm very low on my readings.

  • I think I have one of my 5 sensors broken. I discovered it when tried to attach last 3 of them to my arduino simultaneously (previous 2 worked, attached to other arduinos worked ok). To make it work I removed solder from PU on two of them, and soldered "1" and central on first and "0" and central on other. Let's name:

    • A - where nothing was soldered
    • B - "1" and central soldered
    • C - "0" and central soldered

    If i have only A on the line everything is ok, A & B - ok too, as soon as I attach C it starts to heat up and communication to arduino breaks.

    I'm not sure but looks like it starts to heat on the headers side.

    I tried to measure resistance between different parts on B and C, everything looks similar.

  • Looks like its output is highly depends on its orientation. Is there any way to make it less orientation light sensor and more diffused light sensor?

  • Solved. Everything works, nothing was fried.

  • Is there anybody who hooked up this sensors together:

    • MPL3115A2 Breakout (this one)
    • HTU21D Breakout
    • TSL2561 Breakout

    All of them are 3.3V I2C, HTU21D and TSL2561 have an option to disable pull-up resistors, but looks like MPL3115A2 hasn't got this option. Can I use MPL3115A2 pull-up resistors and disable them on HTU21D and TSL2561? Will I fry something with this setup?

  • I also faced this problem. And solution was quite simple, I removed recommended 10k resistors and connect SDA and SCL directly to A4 and A5. Look what they suggest in hookup guide

    On an Arduino board connect the SDA pin on the breakout board to A4 and SCL to A5. If you’re using a 5V Arduino Uno we recommend putting 10k resistors in line to limit the 5V signal going into the sensor and prevent damage to the sensor. You can instead just use the built-in resistors if you are getting weird readings on the sensor.

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