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  • if i'm compiling d code i'm getting d error //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Arduino firmware for use with FreeSixCube processing example ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    include <FreeSixIMU.h>

    include <FIMU_ADXL345.h>

    include <FIMU_ITG3200.h>

    define DEBUG

    ifdef DEBUG

    include "DebugUtils.h"


    include "CommunicationUtils.h"

    include "FreeSixIMU.h"

    include <Wire.h>

    float q[4]; //hold q values

    // Set the FreeIMU object FreeSixIMU my3IMU = FreeSixIMU();

    void setup() { Serial.begin(115200); Wire.begin();

    delay(5); my3IMU.init(); delay(5); }

    void loop() { my3IMU.getQ(q); serialPrintFloatArr(q, 4); Serial.println(""); //line break

    delay(60); }

    Pls help me to debug d error thanx in advance

  • Is it possible to calculate linear velocity using IMU.....???

    Thanx in advance

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