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  • I've been working a bit with all three Artemis boards. I hit a snag with the ATP, so posted in the forums. It's been 2 months with no reply. I thought I'd followed the posted rules on "how to get assistance..", but none so far.

  • I need to be able to update position commands to a continuous rotation RC servo via software. It's surprising to me that a commercial solution (with position feedback) doesn't seem to exist. I have experience with steppers and DC motors as well, but I prefer a servo due to compact packaging and absolute position feedback built-in.

    It seems like this board is great if your desired position (or two) rarely change, as it's updated by potentiometer. I suppose I could replace the board pots with a voltage command, but I'd prefer not to as this will eventually be part of a STEM package for kids and the rest of the project is complex enough.

    Anybody got any ideas or solutions? Maybe a simple absolute encoder add-on for a servo (which I haven't found)? I only need ~1° accuracy, and max rotation speed is ~1RPM.

    Thanks, -Bryan

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