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  • Hi, i just bought this one and connected with the arduino uno, soldered, connected with 12v inverter (soldered JS1) and its working with a 12v input through the ard. board I got a couple of questions..

    1. If the USB is connected than it still runs but very low power. i was wondering if this can harm anything- ardunio, el escudo dos, inverter, el wires or even the power adapter somehow.
    2. I googled whether connecting USB plus the 12V input pin can harm the board and it seems that it can?,22132.0.html
    3. I also googled for stacking the shields up, i want to stack lolshield on this.. do i need to check the schematics and determine which outputs are used by both and if they share the same that i cant stack?
    4. Is it safe to turn off the inverter for a long time with the power still going in?
    5. I hear a very faint sound when the lights are turned on, coming from the inverter.. is that normal..?

    thanks in advance

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