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  • Can anyone comment on the long-term reliability and accuracy of this meter? Also, what scenario (specifically) will cause the fuse to blow? (What kind of incorrect dial setting will blow the fuse when testing what? I'm a novice to electronics work!) Thanks.

  • I'm a complete novice -- never soldered in my life, but about to start! I've read that water-soluble flux is harsher (more corrosive) than rosin and I've read warnings that say it can damage electronics if it is not removed from all the nooks and crannies after soldering. I figured I would only use solder with a mildly activated rosin flux core but I can't find any solder in the Sparkfun store that fits that description. This item description says it has a "water soluble resin core", so should I be worried?

    Also, the description says it is a good spool "for more advanced users". What is it about this spool that makes it good for advanced users? (Is it just the fact that it is a large quantity? I couldn't find a smaller quantity in the store for leaded solder.)

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