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  • If I included this module on a reworked Arduino Eagle file, would it keep the FCC, IC and TELEC certifications, or is it considered a new circuit?

  • You can rightly accuse me of bad faith, Brenden, for I started out with a genuine interest in understanding the cause, but the tone of my post ended up in an unfortunate hunt for blame, with the child rearers becoming the sole target.

    After re-reading my post it was clear that I was implying that women are somehow their own oppressors because they make up the majority portion within the very groups responsible for the moulding of children's minds.

    I apologise to those offended, and I have no excuse for my latent prejudice. I do aim for impartiality but it seems I need a little more work.

    Nobody is to blame, and again you rightly point out that the cause is very complicated indeed with there being no one single source.

    Having said that, assuming that a person's interests are not just hardwired into them by nature, I do think that it would be beneficial to have an additional campaign that concentrates on educating the nurturers for proactive guidance.

  • That's what I don't understand, Brennen. You were encouraged by a female teacher, and there is a higher percentage of women teachers, especially in the formative years. Not to mention the very high percentage of women in childcare, and the extremely high percentage of women who have a bigger role in child rearing at home.

    So why don't these women encourage females in the same way they encourage males to be interested in the STEM arena? They did in Brennen's case.

    It seems that if a child's future interests could be shaped and guided in their early years, and that there are more women doing the guiding, then what is the proposed source of these inequities?

    I hope that nobody just blames the easy target of "the media" as the cliché scapegoat. Surly the child rearers have some responsibility?

  • Exactly the same here!

  • Do you have to use a stylus? Can you use you finger?

  • Microsoft introduces new 3D desktop.

  • Thanks for the info.

    According to the people on the other end of the Projects and code link that you provide on your Host Shield product page; "Future plans include development drivers for communication devices, such as WiFi and cell phones, and support for other USB Host controllers."

    This is great!

    They mention a "USB Host Mini" which would be perfect for my application. Will you be selling these eventually?

    Also, would you please tell us the "specific dongle chipset" as it is hard to read the chip name in the product pictures.


  • Could this be wired up to an Arduino?

    In comparison to the Arduino Wi-Fi Shield this thing is really cheap if you don't need the micro SD slot.

  • Great looking board, and has a SATA connection too. Nice.

    I didn't see that it was able to use Arduino sketches and Arduino shields (with adapter), which is the biggest draw card of the pcDuino for me.

    Unfortunately I am time poor right now and can't justify converting all my Arduino sketches and waiting for the community of code contributors to catch up.

    I will look forward to buying one when it gets a little less hectic at work. These are amazing times! Thanks for the link. :-)

  • The more I learn, the less daunting it is getting.

    Thanks for the info. :-)

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