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  • I think the pulse issue has to do with the quality of the power going into the amp. I had the same issue until I switch the power supply. The one that caused the amp to pulsate was rated for 12v but when measured unloaded gave 15v. The one that worked was also rated for 12v but when measured unloaded gave 12v.

  • Also the schematic doesn’t match the PCB.

  • The datasheet link needs to be updated: http://prologix.biz/downloads/PrologixGpibEthernetManual.pdf


  • I like wearing name tags; especially when I’m browsing the Mall. I thought this one would get lots of attention.

  • Is there a way to get one without going to SXSW?

  • Is it possible to program the Arduino Pro Mini through this device?

    My project interfaces with anther device via RS232 so I have the MAX to communicate with the other device. Instead of taking my project apart to reprogram it I would like to simply use the external interface. I bought another MAX and hooked an FTDI USB programmer to it. I can see my serial traffic when the project is running but for some reason the Pro Mini doesn’t respond to the Arduino IDE.

    Any suggestions?

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