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  • Awesome, that's a big part of what this is about. Thanks for the really good questions.

  • Hey Chris3D, great questions. The answer is yes to help with manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and design if needed. Over the next few weeks we will refine our message to make that more clear. At the same time, we're agnostic to whoever a developer wants to use for their production in the event that they already have a network of choice.

    GroupGets was founded by hardware developers for hardware developers and is constantly producing its own hardware on a weekly basis for large distribution channels. That said, we frequently introduce our campaign initiators to our network of vetted on and offshore manufacturers, assemblers, and even design service providers (hardware, software, mechanical, and industrial design) if necessary.

    We also buy parts for some teams because due to our volume, we usually get better pricing than a smaller developer and then we can cut the cost down for the backer. Admittedly, we have not been great at advertising all that we do and it's all built in to the basic fee. Design services from our partners does cost extra however and that's negotiated with them. If SparkFun picks up an item post GroupGets, then they may elect to manufacture the item in-house which would be pretty convenient in my opinion.

    So to summarize, we are on both sides - the backer and the developer. And by helping the developer as much as we can, we are also protecting the backer.

  • Backing up D__Run__, we at GroupGets have always been good with products post Kick/Indie/Wherever. So bring it!

  • Ron from GroupGets here. Thanks for the reply Member 103412. You are spot on with the GetSparked workflow. We only bill the backers when the campaign successfully reaches its goal and closes. We then send the funds directly to the manufacturer minus our fee. If there is any profit remaining, we send that directly to the campaign initiator. For example, the AudioMoth team builds in some profit per unit to fund their developers and we are 100% on board with that as they are constantly innovating for their users.

    Just to confirm, no IP is required other than a working demo unit that we vet. We don't need to examine gerbers or source code. You can send those directly to your manufacturer of choice.