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  • I received the chasing el wire and got the specialized inverter. I made some images of the inverter itself.

    It looks like it uses two channels that are alternated creating the "chasing effect" being driven by 2 AA batteries. Once I receive the normal 12v inverter I will try to connect them to the Escudo Dos to see if it can drive it. I will keep you posted of the results.

    Edit: It seems like its indeed two channels just alternately "flashing". I can hook up a normal el wire to each channel separately and it will just flash. So fingers crossed it will "just" work when two channels to the escudo.

    Edit: (for anyone else looking for this info) Nope I was wrong there are 3 channels and one ground wire. It does work like a charm though!! The standard inverter that gets shipped with the wire is a basic flashing sequencer that flashes each channel after the other. This gives the chasing effect. I added some more info on how to solder and handle the wires here. I will add another tutorial on how to hook them up to the Arduino and Escudo later!

  • Awesome. Thank you for your reply. I just ordered the Escudo dos from a uk website and I'm going to get the wires as soon as I finish my design. When I get the wires I'll let you know whats inside the special inverter. Thank you for your help so far!!

  • Hi, Im looking into creating a suit with el wire an arduino and a EL Escudo dos. Now I saw there is a "new" kind of wire called a Chasing wire. i.e. Now I was wondering if there is a way how i can have one of the Escudo channels drive one of these chasing wires.

    I am quite inexperienced in all this so if you could give any advice if this is at all possible I'd really appreciate it!

    I would not mind having the arduino drive the chasing wire separately along side the Escudo as long as I can drive it with the arduino in some way.


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