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  • Is there a trick to getting the battery to shut off? The button works to power it on but no ammount of pressing or holding will it turn off. I have to remove the USB cable before it will turn off. Is this supposed to happen?

  • Ok, so Im not sure what I am doing wrong. I got these and running 4 of them off an Arduino (5v output) blinking in pairs, so that means only 2 are on at any point. I am also using 330 Ohm resistors. They are not that bright, I understand that I can possibly increase the voltage somehow or maybe use smaller resistors?

    I am still learning and Im not sure what to look for or if I can even bump up the voltage (and brightness) safely. Also, I am running the LEDs from the Digital ports.

  • Im still learning electronics so please forgive my newbish question. Are the specs above the output max or input max? Im referring to the 5V @ 600mA.

    Im looking to possibly use this with a 3.7v 400mAh LiPo battery to power an Arduino Mini and several LED's. Is this good or should I look at getting a step-up converter instead?

  • Is there a minimum wire length to use this inverter? I got this, and the El Sequencer and I'm wanting to run at least 2 El wires around 6 inches (about 15cm) in length each. Do I run a risk of burning the inverter out? I ask because I have seen other inverters on other sites that talk about recommended minimum wire length.

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