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  • we talked to a Digi Rep and they said no, the pro and xtend use different protocols

  • I'd like to power a 3.3V part (the WiFly GSX board sold here). Can anyone recommend a good LDO to go from 3.7 to 3.3V? I've been looking at the MC33375D at Mouser but it's not available yet..

  • Has anyone tried these out against the new 'ePIR' modules from Sparkfun? The ePIRs cost a little bit more and claim to have a higher sensitivity.

  • Has anyone compared the sensitivity of these ePIR modules to that of the 'regular' PIR module like SEN-08630?
    Could SFE run a test in the same spirit as the RF module range experiments?

  • Finally got this working through a terminal program; I'll be using an AVR controller to send it serial commands in the next few weeks. My notes are here: http://weakorbit.com/pnotes (search wifly). I was pretty clueless about all things 'internet' when I started so hopefully some people will find what I documented useful.

  • Or maybe a better question: how does the current rating change with a DC load vs AC? There seem to be some different stats in the datasheet.

  • In the tutorial they use this relay to switch an AC load. I want to switch a 12V DC load that needs about 10A. This would work to switch a DC-powered load, right..?

  • I did some simple testing with an ATMega8 and PySerial; worked great, thanks!