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  • My iron broke within a week of using it. I changed out the tip and the tip of the white(ceramic?) heater chipped off. If I crank it up to max temp, it will still work...kinda. How would I even replace the heating element, or the whole iron?(part #'s?, links? )

  • I changed the tip to a different style, but when I removed it, it was stuck, and chipped off the end of the heating element. It still kind of works if I crank up the heat.... how do i replace the element or the whole iron? There are no spare parts sold on this site... :*(

  • Does this board need anything done to it so it doesn't reset randomly? I don't have one, I might get one, but I don't want to have this problem.

    This is what I found:

    "-Reset. Whenever this pin is connected to ground, the Arduino Mini resets. You can wire it to a pushbutton, or connect it to +5V to prevent the Arduino Mini from resetting (except when it loses power). If you leave the reset pin unconnected, the Arduino Mini will reset randomly. "

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