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  • Sparkfun does not yet stock the pen alone. It draws 60-200m and varies based on surface type. Porous surfaces like napkins yield 60m, and surfaces like photopaper can go 200m+. Normal staples/xerox etc. paper goes to around 150m.

  • It's tricky and requires the right type of paper or surface (photopaper for example), but yes!

  • That LED module is actually magnetic, and can be used to squeeze a piece of paper between the module's feet and a steel surface. This video shows how that works: http://youtu.be/qS0pGW37U7k?t=52s

    See an extreme example with an entire arduino drawn on paper with surface mount components: http://www.instructables.com/id/Paperduino-20-with-Circuit-Scribe/

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