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  • Coolio! I look forward to it! How long do you think it will be before that is ready for sale? Sorry about all the questions. Have some applications in the pipeline and trying to work out what to buy / hold out for.

  • Thanks for the quick and detailed reply. The 6 or 8 steps of dimming sounds like a good compromise if it's guarenteed not to damage the board. I'll hassle the UK distributors :-)

    Also, is there any chance you'll update the EL sequencer to include these improvements? It's really nice having a self contained board with the Arduino already built in.

  • Do these improvements mean that this shield is able to reliably change the intensity of the EL wire? I read a lot of comments on the EL sequencer that seemed to say that the triacs would only PWM for so long before dying. I have a EL sequencer and am scared of attempting to PWM the triacs for this reason.

    Also, how long do you think it will be before your UK distributors have these in stock?

  • Great project, when are we going to see a video showing off the LEDs?

  • Thanks for writing this. Are these precautions necessary if you are just reading from a sensor and not writing anything to it?
    i.e I have the analogue output of a 3.3V maxbotix proximity sensor (thanks sparkfun!) connected directly to a PIC analog input. Is this a bad idea? The only other thing connected to the sensor is power.

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