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  • When it comes to hobby hardware, I wonder how an FCC test is actually conducted. For example, say you have an Arduino - What kind of program is it running during the test? Is it running any peripherals like LEDs? Take a slightly more complicated case - a kit with a microcontroller board that can drive motors or hobby servos. Do you test with or without motors connected (since motors can put out tons of EMI, it seems important)? Or a pololu 3pi robot or similar - do you test it while it’s moving or do you test the circuit board without the motors?

    Now let’s say you bundle an Arduino, a shield, and some motors/LEDs. Are you required to test the Arduino+shield (assuming the shield has a microcontroller - talks over i2c or something) while it’s running the motors you bundle?

    I have noticed that Arduino is now FCC certified and CE marked; I just wish I understood how they actually conducted the test.

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