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  • Hi, I purchased this module (firmware 6.15 if I’m not mistaken) and was unable to keep a steady link to my Mac, having it setup as Mouse (SH,0220), it would start communicating correctly, but at around 7 seconds would stop communicating, as if the link went down, but it showed as it was still up.

    I tried a couple of different settings and ended up setting the timer to 0 with ST,0 and Trigger Mode with SM,2 . Well, this didn’t work either, but now I was unable to change the settings as the timer was set to 0. But at the time I din’t worry because I could always use PIO4 to make a factory reset.

    Well, this is where I’m stuck right now, seems like PIO4 isn’t working for me, I tried starting PIO4 High and then low-high several times. Once I power it, it blinks really fast, but I can’t be sure if it is 2 or 3 times, seems like 3 times. According to the manual this should trigger the Factory Reset and now I would only need to go low-high-low-high and it would Factory Reset the module and I would just need to power-down and use it again with the default settings and start-over. But this isn’t working.

    I was wondering if someone could help me out on this.

    Thanks for the time.

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