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  • So why don't you just hire some guy to paint little dots over some of the yellow? Then you don't have a yellow border. You have a yellow-and-[green/blue/orange/purple/black/silver…] border. Seriously. If you want to give them away, make it a condition of the gift that every meter has to have at least 1 dozen dots painted on the border.

    And no, Fluke is NOT cool. They could have contacted you directly. That's how most companies do it. They send a "cease and desist" order that tells you not to do what you're doing any more. They could have let you alter the appearance to comply with the copyright. In short, they could have worked things out without involving the government (which is more useless than Fluke.)

    Unless Fluke gives you a (minimal loss) out on this, I'm done with Fluke forever.

    And I'd challenge them on the definition of "yellow". Give us the exact wavelength you're talking about, Fluke. Is it 569nm? 571? 588nm? Because some of those colors might be called yellow, or orange, or gold, or goldenrod, or corn, or flax or lemon… And Fluke's trademark doesn't cover those. It only covers YELLOW. Not "YELLOW-ish". See

  • So these sensors are accurate enough to detect ~ 1-foot change in altitude at sea level?

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