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  • in case anyone else was wondering...i think she said : " resinobsession.com "

  • "we're low on educational content posts, so here is another caption contest!" lol

  • If Space-X can land a rocket on it's tail fins, this Ladder should take off and Land on it's feet NO PROBLEM!

  • FIrst Test for the Bio-mechanical 3D Printer was a dome-shaped housing for a wheeled Bot, 2nd Test was a long length of Hay bales....

  • When you used the carbon calculator, did you account for the fact that more than just your items were on the plane? Or was it assumed that only your package was on the plane? What assumptions did you make as far as the way the rest of the cargo shared the carbon produced?

  • Centennial electronics in Colorado SPrings, a rare find. Fear it will become extinct.

    Possibly OEM electronics In Colorado springs, all used surplus, place is a gem, but may not be a fit for new product like Sparkfun stuff.

  • How is a cow supposed to get this schedule done when EVERY day is bring your human to work day

  • Pardon my ignorance

    droid2 2.3.3 to Vista

    I am able to transfer files back and forth (paired), but it always shows paired BUT not connected (even with a succesful file transfer to the Droid)

    I was going to use blueterm and tera term to test back and forth but I can't get it to "connect".

    School me please.

  • this would be a good way to make molded connectors, just mold around some pins= instant multi pin plug.

  • qzjake,
    I'm gonna say google is the number one learning tool for... anything. SOme teachers of mine used to debate what is more important : Math or reading skills,,, the answer was READING, because with that you can teach yourself anything. Before the internet we used to actually make road trips to the library of Congress to learn stuff! It's so much easier now, I have a mechanical engineering degree but other than the Radio shack Forest Mimms books EVERYTHING else I've learned about electronics has come from google searches, take the time to learn that skill it will open all doors ;-)

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