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  • Can this provide power while it's charging? I use that setup for backup power for small devices (clocks and such), but not all USB battery packs can operate that way since designers often save money by sharing the power converter between the two functions.

  • As you found out, DST calculations are available. I've built a couple of GPS-based clocks that can figure out their own time zones, I took the USGS maps for the continental US and compressed them down to about 1mi resolution, ended up under 6000 bytes.

  • Data sheet says 0.06Hz resolution. Absolute frequency accuracy would depend on the xtal oscillator.

  • Got mine running last night and found two problems with the code, one of which was the backslash a couple of others have already noted. Second was that the LCDCharacter() writes two blank vertical lines, one before the character and a second after, when only one is needed. Without the extra blank you get at least one additional character on each line. I'll probably also move the ASCII font table to PROGMEM space to save on RAM and then start to work on some big digits for a clock.

  • What I could really use is one of these with the VS1063 and a microphone input so I could record MP3s as well as playback.

  • qkits.com has some RFID antennas.

  • Started at 8am PST with the computer already logged in to SparkFun.com. It took me an hour to get 3 items into my cart. Then spent another hour trying to get checked out, but the money ran out before I could even get past the shipping method page. Two hours wasted with nothing to show for it, and certainly no good impression of SparkFun's technical expertise. I'm still a loyal customer, but, as far as Thank-You's go...

  • My Bus Pirate shows the voltages as "5V: 3.3 | 3.3V: 2.2" when I use the 'v' voltage monitor command. My DVM says the are actually the correct 5V and 3.3V. Anybody know why it is doing this? Firmware is v3.0.

  • Regarding removing the dial: If it's like the classic rotary phone, there's a small hole in the dial just inside the radius of the finger holes. Poke a paper clip in there to push the spring latch down a bit to disengage it, then turn the dial counter-clockwise a fraction of a turn until it comes off.

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