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  • Product DEV-11013 | about 5 months ago

    What I could really use is one of these with the VS1063 and a microphone input so I could record MP3s as well as playback.

  • Product SEN-08852 | about 4 years ago

    qkits.com has some RFID antennas.

  • News - Free Day Recap | about 4 years ago

    Started at 8am PST with the computer already logged in to SparkFun.com. It took me an hour to get 3 items into my cart. Then spent another hour trying to get checked out, but the money ran out before I could even get past the shipping method page. Two hours wasted with nothing to show for it, and certainly no good impression of SparkFun’s technical expertise. I’m still a loyal customer, but, as far as Thank-You’s go…

  • Product TOL-09544 | about 4 years ago

    My Bus Pirate shows the voltages as “5V: 3.3 | 3.3V: 2.2” when I use the ‘v’ voltage monitor command. My DVM says the are actually the correct 5V and 3.3V. Anybody know why it is doing this? Firmware is v3.0.

  • Product POR-00286 | about 5 years ago

    Regarding removing the dial: If it’s like the classic rotary phone, there’s a small hole in the dial just inside the radius of the finger holes. Poke a paper clip in there to push the spring latch down a bit to disengage it, then turn the dial counter-clockwise a fraction of a turn until it comes off.

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