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  • I second that request, I've just received mine and have no idea how to get started.

  • I've just received mine from CoolComponents UK but I think it's DOA. I've inserted the Edison and tried 4 or 5 different microUSB cables, both with an USB port on my computer and with a wall charger. Same result, no LEDs light up on the Console board, the Edison doesn't appear to power up. I do get prompted to install the FTDI drivers, so at least that chip is powered on, but it doesn't appear to pass any kind of power to the Edison board.

    The Edison board is fine, I've moved it back to the mini breakout board and it works great, it's just the Console board that it doesn't work with.

  • Any chance you could add data lines to the USB port and hook them up to the console so that plugging this into a computer charges the battery and gives you a serial console into the Edison?

  • Could you add a small on/off switch to it so that we can turn it off to preserve power without disassembling the whole package?

  • Will this support UHS-1 cards (very fast microSD cards)?

  • Quick (possibly stupid) question: how is the mini breakout board powered? Do I simply apply 7-15V on J21 or can I power it via USB? Is there a "Getting Started" for this board (not for the Arduino breakout)?

  • Have you guys considered using the new GE864-QUAD ANTENNA module from Telit? It's a GE864 with an embedded antenna, could be much more useful than the simple GE864. The GE864-QUAD ANTENNA can be found at http://www.telit.com/en/products/gsm-gprs.php?p_id=12&p_ac=show&p=77

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