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  • Is there a way to use this with 6 load sensors? I've seen the load sell combinator board, but obviously, that only works if you have 4 load sensors, right? Is there a way to do this with 6?

  • Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I bought one of these for use with a 5V Mega 2560, and it wasn't until after delivery that I realized it can only work at the 3.3V level. So I bought the BOB-12009 bi-directional logic level shifter, but now I realized I have no idea how to hook it up to this board, since I'm not sure what voltages the various pins on the Mega are running at. Is the SCK pin on the Mega 5V? What pins do the standard SD library use on the Mega, and what voltages are they at, so I know which ones I need to run through the level shifter? Thanks.

  • As an add-on to his question, I'm trying to make the same circuit from this shield, using the micro SD breakout board, because I want the functionality of the SD shield, minus the shield. Do you guys sell the 74HC40500 separately? I looked here and Googled it, but couldn't find anyone selling it other than alibaba. Final question, if there's no way for me to get my hands on one, what is the generic name for this kind of chip? I tried searching for what it was called in the schematic, which is a "hex converter." Thanks.

  • I was wondering the same thing. I bought the SD breakout board, not realizing I needed the hex converter to allow it to talk to the Arduino, using the SD library. I would really like to just buy the chip and have the SD card shield, minus the actual shield. My project is going to have a bunch of components, and I don't want a tower of shields, especially not for something simple like SD read/write capability.

  • I saw that, too. Is superbrad right, or are there flyback diodes inside?

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