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  • So is this for 2g or 3G SIM cards?

  • I use several of these at 5v and they are seen easily even in sunlight.

  • Just a question. When you have two batteries in here, is the voltage 3.7 or 7.2? As in are they connected in parallel or in series?

  • I think I could use this in a low budget bench top power supply. I am going to get a couple to play with on my next order as well.

  • I stand corrected. I got it working now. Sorry. Directions are not as clear as i wish they were, but I am using a mac. It’s not quite the same thing, but it’s ok. This is a nice program once you get it going.

  • This doesn’t make sense. How do you “create” the file or folder or whatever yare suppost to put the .jar file in? Sorry, I just don’t get it. More explaination is needed on that part.

  • So for charging. Could I just put a male jst on a battery holder, and plug it into a lipo charger?

  • I would love to see these in green. I have used several of them at 5v and they work great. But I would like to use a red and a green at the same time to indicate different things. Power on, power off, that kind of thing. I have a solar charger project that I am currantly working on where I need a “charging” and a “charged” light. The need for a color charge is obvious.