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  • What is the depth of the tank? That is a good idea and it should work but it has a short range. The long range sensor I have tested to work reliable up to 12 feet but sometimes 17 feet depending on what is around it. But usually, if you want to read a level, I have worked on King system in an industrial setting; I uses a tube going to the bottom of the take and since it had a vent in the top of the take, you simply use a pressure switch for low or high levels. With the right sensor you should be able to calculate how many gallons of liquid it actually in the tank.

  • I just received one of these boards. Sounded like a very powerful board as far as what all it does. I wish I would have read all the comments before I bought; wouldn't have bought it. I'm pretty new at these little controllers, just a hobby, no college for it. I know I will have some questions for you guys.

    Has anyone succeeded in passing the parameters to this board? Just from reading, I'm not really sure.

  • I would like to see a version of the Big Easy Driver handle 4 amps and have terminals connections for everything on the board including an external pot. It would be nice to keep the Dir and Step as is to keep things simple. I would have liked to have bought one of your other boards but it was controlled by SPI or something like that. I don't understand that type of connection enough to be able to use it. It is much simpler for me to keep things simple with the way the Big Easy Driver board hooks up;

    I just bought 2 more big easy driver boards and got out all my terminals but none of the types I have fits. Is there anything that fits these boards? If you sell them what is the part number(s). Looks like it would take more then one size of terminal. Thanks. d

  • Can anyone suggest a servo and driver with 2 or 3 times the power of the HS-808BB?

    Thanks, d

  • I've got a project that appears to require more power than this servo has to offer. I have to turn the servo 55 degrees in 3 seconds or less with a load. I'm using limit switches and don't need feedback. I have tried Nema 17, Nema 23, and now this 808 servo. This servo almost does it. Can anyone suggest a motor of any kind that might work for this?

    Thanks, David

  • Hi. I would like to know the answer to that question myself. I've been looking for options to connect this 808 servo to something else. I wondered what horns came with it and looked. Oh yeah! The little round one that comes with it is exactly what I was looking for, well, if it is metal.

    Did you ever find anything to match up to the D1 spline? Seems that someone somewhere has to have something to fit this puppy???

    best wishes, david

  • This would be perfect to wire up 4 wires of a stepper motor and two more wires for an external power supply.

    I'm pondering the 12 terminal strip for 12 solid state relays to drive lights. The SSR SparkFun sells for $10 is industrial strength, much safer and better than the SSR kit for $20.

  • This is the belt mount page is it not? Hope so 'cause I'm fixing to get 4 of them. It does seem a little like another part is needed to actually tighten down on the belt. Maybe it needs a plate or something? If you get one of these working could you send me a note please.

  • What would you suggest to mount this timing belt mount to the slider B?

  • I don't know what happeed but it works now. All I did was shut everything down and powered it back up the next day. Could have had bad connection somewhere or perhaps I didn't realize I pulled the USB cable with the monitor open. For now, problem solved.


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