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  • The switch is definitely in the “run” position and there is still no response from the LED. The only I’ve managed to get from the board has been to heat up extremely quickly and then proceed to smoke when plugged into the FTDI port.

  • It’s measuring at 4.06V

  • The barrel connector has 12V on its center pin and there is still no red LED flashing anywhere on the board when it’s been connected to either of the power supplies

  • I soldered the 5V jumper and powered it over FTDI and it still is unresponsive. The barrel jack power supply that I’m using (but not at the same time as FTDI) outputs 12V and 1A and it also remains unresponsive

  • I purchased and received this board a few days ago and have been unsuccessful in making it work. I have inserted a microSD card loaded with WAV files that have been properly formatted and named and have connected the T1 trigger to it’s ground connector and have attempted to power it using the barrel jack connector to no avail. Alternatively, I have tried powering the board using the FTDI port and while the port itself lights up when connected, the WAV trigger is still entirely unresponsive. When attempting to use the firmware, the programs will show that there is a USB connection being made, but it will not register that the board is actually present. Have I missed a step somewhere along the way or is it possible that the board is defective? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, as I’ve scoured both the sparkfun and robertsonics user guides and cannot figure out the issue. Thank you!

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