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  • And that, people, is how you do the splits.

  • You mean Home Depot actually cut your wood to the right length? Amazing... I gave up on having my local Home Depot cut the wood that I bought there, since they'd cut it to the wrong length every time.

  • The data sheet doesn't quite match the item. For the most part they are the same, but the data sheet says it can handle up to 1.5 amps, whereas the actual 7805 SparkFun is selling burns up well before that. The data sheet is from Texas Instruments, but the product in the photo is made by ST Micro.

    My project is drawing 300-400mA, and this ST-made 7805 is nearly too hot to touch (I measured it at over 45 degrees C), but when powering it using a 7805 made by TI (probably the same one in the data sheet) it barely got warm. Probably has a lot to do with the TI-made 7805 having a much beefier heatsink.

  • Great soldering iron. Gets hot fast and stays hot. Highly recommended.

  • Bummer about having to set jumpers for the power supply.

  • Yeah, I noticed that too. It's fine if you're using a 6-wire cable on each side, but anyone hooking this up with individual wires needs to realize that you can't connect each side's TXO pin to the respective device's TX pin and have it work, which defeats the whole purpose of this breakout.
    Should've swapped the traces but left the silkscreen alone.

  • Hopefully you guys aren't going to get rid of FedEx. UPS and USPS take several days to deliver SparkFun orders even though I'm only 4 hours away from you guys, while FedEx Ground usually only takes a day or two.

  • I'm pretty sure they're talking about using it as a USB-to-serial converter for an Arduino Pro or something. The ATmega8u2 itself isn't directly supported by the Arduino IDE or libraries.

  • Any chance you guys will carry 1/4-watt too?

  • Get rid of the ethernet port on the Botanicalls kit and instead wire the pump to it. Presto, a self-watering plant.
    Also, clicking on the pic of the solenoid valve just takes you to a pic of it. For all the other products clicking on their pic will take you to the product page.