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  • Having trouble with this.

    "Si4703 does not name a type." The libraries you link seem to use Si4703_Breakout instead, which has a totally different interface.

    In testing the included sample sketch from the libraries, which uses Si4703_Breakout, on my Pro Micro, I can't seem to get any serial output. I know the serial works, but initializing the radio seems to kill it somehow.

    My setup is 2->SDIO 3->SCLK 7->RST VCC->3V3 GND->GND

  • And I can't feel any heat coming off of it. Hm...

  • I can't figure out if mine are defective or what, but with a 10k resistor (after ~36 hours burn-in) I can't get any voltage change from either of the two that I bought. I'm using the Pololu breakout board (rather than the SF one). Anyone have thoughts, or experience with that breakout board?

  • has anyone tried to PWM this guy? I am hoping for a fairly-constant vacuum/pressure level that is a bit less than what I'm getting from it... I can't seem to get it to turn on for a short (10mS) interval, either.

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