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  • I'm going to translate this so that some of the idol worshippers out there will get a clue. Arduino day cost more than the company expected, so they dug around looking for places to make up the cost. Bingo! Shipping! Now can we please go get back to some sense of sanity on this topic. I for one don't want to pay a RED cent more than I have to.

  • Look mouser and several other places like jameco sell leds and other components in quantities of one without jacking the price up, so what your saying is non-sense. Try this link LEDS for a third less than sparkfun sales them for and in quanities of one. But it's other things too. For example $10 for a prototype shield you have to put together. You really think that protoshield cost Sparkfun anywhere near $10. I just bought a JST connector soldered on a little piece of pcb and it cost $4 dollars. There's some huge margins in a lot that Sparkfun sales, so the poor mouthing over shipping seems to me a little disingenuous.

    I'm not trying to make war on Sparkfun. Glad it is available and every Friday one of the first things I do is see what new goodies are available. But I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid either.

  • Come on, the markup is huge on a lot of the things Sparkfun sales, You people must not like your money or something. Sparkfun says they are going to charge you more and you're happy? Bullocks. SPARKFUN IS NOT DOING YOU A FAVOR SELLING YOU PRODUCTS. YOU ARE DOING THEM A FAVOR BY BUYING THEM. That's the way business works. Well may be not In Muriburi Land.

  • I stick by what I said, My bet is that your margins on about every thing you sale more than make up for your shipping cost. I didn't call you a liar, I just think your numbers are only part of the story and have little meaning. Seriously, you should watch your tone when replying to customers.

  • Absolute nonsense. The reason Amazon gets a break is volume. The same reason you get free shipping for larger orders.

  • Hate to tell you this, but I usually don't spend more than $75 at once. I place small orders and honestly, I would place more if not for shipping cost. But, I seriously doubt that sipping cost you 1M each year. Probably does on face value, but given some of your other prices, i.e. $.95 for a single transistor or $1.50 for a 40 pin male header, I suspect you are making up your cost in other ways. There have been several times I've placed something in my cart and then not competed checkout due to shipping cost. Any increases will most likely affect your volume, so you may want to rethink your decision. In any case, your normal shipping rates are not cheep by any stretch of the imagination. If I were to buy a single Arduino and used UPS or FedEx, you'd charge $12+ for shipping. I can get it elsewhere for less than $6 for UPS shipping. In other words, you are making up you free shipping on small orders and I bet your calculations didn't include it. What you really mean is you didn't make profit as much as you could not that free shipping cost you 1M.

  • Don't understand why this board cost $30. It should cost half as much or less.

  • Can you build one of these with a Hirose DF-13 5 pin connector? Or maybe even a Hirose DF-13 6 pin connector?

  • I'm confused, does this chip have dmp or not? My reading is that it has dmp, but only 6 dof using the gyro and accelerometer. I've looked at the sparkfun, invensence, and some stm32f code that's on the internet. They all indicate to me that the same 6 dof dmp used on the mpu 6050 is on this chip. The data sheet indicates the same thing. I feel I wasted money on this item. Say it ain't so.

  • The whole issue ridicules is considering one can still buy a "fake" other places on the internet. Does Fluke really think we don't know this multimeter is not the same quality as a Fluke? And really, other than color it doesn't look like a Fluke.

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