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  • It does work whit the PRT-00449, i get the NMEA signal in my terminal on the computer but the GPS can’t get a fix position. I have tried outside whit clear sky but wont work. I can’t connect to GPS Viewer either. I have also coupled the Rx to the PRT-00449 now but that didn’t help me to connect to GPS Viewer.

    I am using Antenna: Antenna GPS Embedded SMA, GPS-00177

    Could that be the problem or what else could be wrong? Need to found out so i can order more whit confidence. /Robin

  • Hey! I can’t get a NMEA signal to my computer out of this. I can see in the oscillator that it gives me a NMEA signal (differential signal).

    1. I have coupled it to the BOB-11189 - MAX3232 Breakout, I have coupled like this from Venus to MAX3232: GND to GND, 3,3V to 3V-5.5V, TX0 to T1IN.
    2. Then I have coupled it to PRT-00449 - RS232 Shifter SMD, I have coupled like this from MAX3232 to RS232 Shifter: GND to GND, 3V-5.5V to Vcc, T1OUT to TX0.
    3. And then to the computer via RS232.

    I am supplying it whit an external 5VDC.

    I have tried to change baud-rate and all the other options on computer but none give me an output in the hyper-terminal. The gps gets a fix so no problem there. What can be wrong? Need to know cause need 22 of those for an application.

    Best Robin H.

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