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  • Cancel my account. I will not do business with a company that disrespects the rule of law and defense of our republic. Your regurgitation of the leftist media misrepresentation of the EO demonstrate blind ideology slavery. I regret doing business Sparkfun.

  • Product Suggestion: Redo layout so input pins (a-h) are on top or bottom with additional space for mounting holes and eliminate the extra board space where existing mounting holes and logo are now.. Reason: Would allow for left to right stacking of these to create a scrolling LED display 8Xn number of boards. Would need GPIO expander(s) and LED driver(s) but would offer next step in experimentation.

  • Please consider marrying the Pi Wedge and your solderable breadboards! That would be a Pi bakers dream platform.

  • This bluetooth adapter works with the Raspberry Pi (I have a B). Folloow instructions by RaspberryPi Spy at http://www.raspberrypi-spy.co.uk/2013/02/nintendo-wii-remote-python-and-the-raspberry-pi/ to control your python programs with a WII Remote. Works PERFECTLY!

  • Can you answer if this is compatible with Raspberry Pi Raspean? Thanks in advance.

  • Found this helpful pin-out guide. http://pinoutsguide.com/Home/av_jack_pinout.shtml

  • A cable terminated with RCA Video and standard stereo audio on one end and the TRRS on the other would be most useful for RPi B+ owners. Is there such an animal?

  • Great little module: Works as advertised with sample code. Thanks!

  • Using UNO R3 same pins as Mini. Works like a champ! One suggested correction on your otherwise accurate and informative Hookup Guide: The "blue" wire on your breadboard wiring diagram should go to AD8232 breakout board pin L0- and not OUTPUT. The text-chart wiring diagram is accurate. Now off to make the graph on the Raspberry PI . I'm very pleased with this breakout board.

  • Disappointed. They couldn't have disappeared in the time it took to reload the page.

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