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  • EDIT: SCALE is the most important thing to sort out.

    Dickering of over the "export" format is going to create a library of mess. Each model should have the source program's native file format, a bunch of exports of different filetypes and any textures in a non-proprietary format. A REAME is also a good requirement: It could have a boilerplate that could be used to generate a library "listing". The README should list the version of the source program. The README should list the scale (eg. 1" X1000)

    EDIT: I have converted a LOT of models (literally 1000's) from all kinds of sources. You do not want to clean a model in some crappy format. Getting the source files is your best bet to having something useable. As a couple of people have pointed out, most formats have versions that had compatibility issues, which is why I suggest having a number of options. Compounding the format choice is the exporter implementation in any given source package. It all adds up to more is better in the case of exported models.

  • Depends...might be D-1, which is 720x480 stretched for NTSC and is not 480P. Even in the days before DTV signals, it was impossible to get people to get the various screen resolutions correct. I applaud you for trying...

  • I have a few of the antennas laying around...I had to make a large purchase to fall into the minimum purchase range. I have the smallest and the largest sizes.
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