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  • Thanks for the reply. Not sure I fancy drilling them, though it may come to that.

    Couldn't find any sort of clamping system for boards, on Spark Fun, but maybe not looking in the right place.

    Just wondered whether I might rig something up from hex nylon standoffs. Cut a board-width slot about half way through each post and seat the board in to it. A nut on the threaded end through a mounting plate (or case). Could even then put a nylon screw in the top of the stand-off and pinch it on to the board. Two on one side and one near the Spark-fun logo will probably be enough, but could put an extra 2 on the side to ensure it is going nowhere.

  • While this is nice to play with and can be used on breadboard, I would like to use it as-is in an enclosure. It will save me quite a lot of time making a proto-board version ($2.95 per board is a lot less than my hourly rate and my soldering is not that good anyway! Also will only ever be making 2 of these units)

    No mounting holes though. Any thoughts on best way to mount this securely (will be 2 boards chained to give me 1-of-16 selector)?

    Many thanks

  • Is there a fritzing template available for this part?

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