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  • I am having trouble converting a project that runs fine in the Arduino Pro (ATmega328P) to the Pro Micro (ATmega32U4). I am using the PacketSerial library for COBS encoding, which I realize may be part of the problem, but the issue is that packets sent from the PC to the board are received fine but packets (or even a single byte) cannot be sent from the board back to the PC. I've tried tracing this, and the TX LED on the Pro Micro never lights, I've tried using "Serial" and SerialUSB" but result is the same.

    Again, the same code works fine on an UNO, Pro Mini or Arduino Pro. I cannot understand why the Pro Micro receives packets just fine but seems unable to send return packets?

  • Answer to my own question: The Accelerometer.ino file has


    Changing to


    fixes the problem

  • This product is working OK for me on a 6 wheel Wild Thumper chassis, all except for the accelerometer outputs. All three axes read about 720 decimal no matter what orientation I put the board in. Anybody else have this experience, or know what I might check to try a fix?

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