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Country: United States


I'm new as of Feb 2014, and found this place by finally getting over my snooty attitude and grabbing an Arduino Uno (and looking online for shields, etc.).

My background is primarily in business, but I also have some basic programming, electronics, and prototyping experience and I'm one of those rare individuals who is willing to admit when I don't know something.

That being said, I'm working on 6 commercial projects that use the ATmega chips and found the Arduino very helpful. And for that, SparkFun has also been very helpful.

  • As there was no "delete" for the comment I posted, I am editing this instead. My comment was echoed in my review and so I didn't want to seem superfluous.

  • Is there a Fritzing part for this?

  • I really want to build a lightsaber now...

  • I have a solution, if anyone at SparkFun is interested...

  • What hazards are with this pen? It's the one I've been told by basically everyone is the best. It's flux, so the purpose of it is chemical in nature.

    Kester also has a no-clean pen which I've also been told about (I'm hanging with some electrical engineers). It's more expensive, but certainly less chemical-y. And Amazon ships it, so you might be able to set up fulfillment by Amazon and avoid other shipping issues (it's a workaround, but it might work). I'm sure that Kester might be willing to work on it with you, as well, since SparkFun does volume.

    Just some ideas.

FMI Vest Prototype

RedHeron 77 items

This is for building a prototype for a laser tag vest which...