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    1. Has sparkfun EVER sold non-genuine imax/B6 chargers? In other words if I bought one of these, at any point in time, can I be promised that it is genuine?

    2. I do not understand all that balance connector business, but gather it has to do with multi (2S, 3S and more) cell LIPOs. How do I charge the plan batteries with JST only, like here?

    I imagine/hope that connecting vcc and ground are all I need.

  • So, if I understand correctly - this is intended as an "in line" solution - right? I put my battery into the JST connector, then I can power my project from the OUTPUT vcc/gnd, as well as use the I2C to measure my juice. Yes? Any concerns when the output vcc/gnd are not used? Or if I was wrong to begin with, what is up with those connections period?

  • I ordered and got one today! I love it. Although, mine says Element14 all over it. That is fine and I am ok with this, especially given it is a certified clone, but I feel like the product page I Ordered from should at least give SOME mention of the fact it is not coming from beagle themselves.

  • How would this best be connected to a raspberry pi? i2c, SPI, UART of some sort?

    i do not want to apply a full FTDI and USB connection between the two.

  • I get massive numbers of false positives. I do not see any way to tune down the sensitivity. My first thought is to catch one, hold a second, and check for another - maybe this will help. But looking at my current logs I think I will start dropping real positives. humph. Is my RPI timing out on the open collector/interrupt at some point? I kind of doubt it, but who knows. Are these "real" false positives caused by EMI or temperature shift? perhaps my garage door shaking with wind does it, but I kind of doubt it since if I stand there and shake the door with my arm about as hard as I can I do not see the hits.

    Any help?

  • I got these in the mail and a 2N3904 to feed it 9v works perfectly. It seems to also work straight off the 5v arduino uno, but probably better to use the transistor and be on the safe side.

  • Love this little guy, works great. However, what on earth should I enclose it with? Is there any kind of socket or holder for this form factor?

  • The 5v model says it can do 3.3v, in the official description, but not vice versa. Is the flip in this direction going to be possible?

    Also, could one use a logic level converter to use a single FTDI with arduinos of both voltages?

  • I would like to flip household (110V) switches with this, using an Arduino Uno (5V).

    Am I safe to do so, juicing the coil with a 2N3904 transistor? Or do I need a 2222, or even more?

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