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  • The datasheet states that the RHT03 can be used with 3.3 to 6V. Is anyone successful in using RHT03 sensors with 3.3V power? I have a breadboard prototype with multiple RHT03 sensors and an Arduino Pro Mini powered via an FTDI Basic board. The sketch is a modification of the DHT library from Adafruit. When using a 5V/16Mhz Arduino Pro Mini the sketch outputs apparently valid humidity and temperature values for all sensors. However, after replacing the Pro Mini with the 3.3V/8MHz version (Vcc = 3.26V actual) the software reports values of 0.0 for humidity and temperature for all sensors. I have tried: 1) using 1K, 10K or no pullup resistors, 2) 100nF caps across sensor Vcc-GND, or none, 3) connecting both sensor pins 3 & 4 to GND. With any of these changes the reported values remain at 0.0. Maybe the signal timing needs to be tweaked for 3.3V??

  • Thanks for your helpful pointers Mike. :-) The example sketch works now.

  • I am trying to compile the example software, but getting the error message 'SFE_TSL2561_example:53: error: "SFE_TSL2561" does not name a type'. The 'SFE_TSL2561 light;' statement is highlighted near the top of the sketch. The downloaded folder was installed in 'Libraries' (on a Mac), and the .h and .cpp files are present. I don't see how the SFE_TSL2561 class is not recognized by the compiler. Any suggestions for how to fix?

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