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  • Heh, yeah thanks - even works for a 608a too! I did come across that previously but it was a 'preliminary' one from 2018 - not that it matters I suppose. It's got a wealth of information.

    Although, it really seems SFE is really hiking the prices on their stuff lately.

  • Does anyone know how one goes about getting in contact with Microchip to sign the NDA? What are the chances they'll go thru that effort for a hobbyist?

  • You know, it is nice that Adafruit does typically provide 'Qwiic' attribution. I even see a few Sparkfun boards for sale over there.

    What I'd like to see is Sparkfun start reselling Adafruit Qwiic-enabled boards and kits. Sure there's some overlap, but Adafruit appears to be pretty prolific. Often times I'm caught managing what I want from SF vs what I want from Ada and how I can save shipping costs.

    Being on the west coast, I'd certainly gravitate to buying primarily from SF - shorter shipping times and a friendlier free shipping policy

    I do wonder what kind professional rivalry and competition exists between the two companies. SF sure could load up Ada with GPS kits.

  • Oh yeah, I'm happy with Qwiic for sure. But I was actually talking about how Seeed implemented a connector so you could use a SMT Xbee3 module with it. I'm not sure what it's called though, but you can make it out in the images from their dev kit. Some sort of friction/spring connector, I suppose.

    You guys used the SMT package on your Xbee3 Thing plus - my only point is it would be nice to be able to have a SFE Xbee3 board that supported removable SMT radios, instead of the TH 'bee' connectors - either as a dongle, or breakout board that would allow me to plug in whatever SMT Xbee3 I wanted to.

  • My first ever Sparkfun purchase was a bunch of Xbee gear back in 2014. And I don't want to think how much I've spent here since on these little radios and breakouts.

    But I just gotta share the XBee3 kit from Digi is really the way to go:

    Would love to see a SFE board that uses the same connector as the Seed boards in the Digi kit. Also, the PyCharm Digi Micropython plugin doesn't seem to like the SiLabs CP210 USB UART you used on the Xbee3 Thing Plus.

  • Any tips on the best way to go about contacting Microchip and signing an NDA? What are their requirements?

  • That’s great news.

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