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  • I'm pretty excited about the OLED shield. That's going to build me a nice little "Every Day Carry" kit, that goes along with my computer. A handful of components in an Altoid tin, and you can solve a ton of problems and get a fair amount of info.

  • If I remember correctly, when they're talking about "fall time" they're talking about how long a coin takes to make a weighted arm fall.

    Example: Take a lever with a center positioned fulcrum. Put a 1 kilo weight on one side. Now, on the other side put differing weights. A 2 kilo weight will fall slower than a 10 kilo weight, as it sits on the lever.

  • What a whiny bunch of hackers! A couple of tips/requests: Please don't run mission critical items (your cardiac monitors, bizarre nuke reactor controls, or viral synthesizing systems) off of hacked together kit and development tools (pretty much anything at SparkFun). When someone comes up with a neat idea, pushes the idea forward (in a cogent, easily understood format), take a look at it. If the idea is up your alley, give it a shot (Seriously, $6 for this cable... I'll take it, even if I can only use it to power some boards). If it's not up your alley, but you have some constructive ideas, definitely put them forward. But if all you're going to do is decry the concept in the same way as three folks did before you... Well, you might as well be standing next to the Wright brothers and saying "Nice heap, Orville, but it will never fly"

  • Please don't check the credit card statement...

  • Mine is marked RN-42 (a little late, but hopefully this helps someone)

  • The vikings were hoping to start their new campaign with their spear and magic helmet. Added to this stunning arsenal is the Arduino Shield and Soldering Lance.


  • OK, I'm going to go downstairs and tear apart my old non-functioning Saitek to integrate with this.

  • I just used this technique as well. It's perfect. It may be a good idea to put this up as a link in the documents section for the part.

  • I gotta echo the above sentiments. I've just broken two of these connectors.

    Any chance you folks could offer these, pre-made? With the "breadboard-friendly-end"?

  • I'm having a fair amount of problems with this product.
    I'm using this library:
    And I'm trying to pull the information from the DHT22, and send it to a Pachube feed, once a minute.
    I split up the calls for the current temperature and humidity. Each request is 30 seconds apart. However, I'm still getting a rate of around 45% checksum errors. I'm also occasionally getting spurious temperatures in the 55f(12c) range. My lab is pretty steady around 74-79f.
    I've only had the chip for a week (today), and I'd really like to get this project completed (I've already gotten a couple requests for new unit builds). Am I asking too much of the sensor? Does anyone know of a method for reducing errors?
    I'm using a resistor on the dataline, as specified. I put in a filtering cap, but didn't see any improvement with the error rate.