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  • anybody used one of these outdoors in sunlight? how readable is it? also is it usable in cold temperatures? esp. compared to LCD or other LED displays.

  • well … why has it taken so long?! Finally! a wifi module to add to small projects that doesn’t cost more than the all the other components! This breaks some barriers.

  • Got my SIM today. Inserted it in an old 3G Gobi/Qualcomm Netbook and got it to connect by using APN=epc.tmobile.com (AT+CGDCONT=…)

    Don’t know what the “official” APN to use is … SparkFun?

    Haven’t tried any speedtest.net, but probably I couldn’t help answer what T-Mobile 4G really is, since I don’t have a 4G/LTE device (modem, router, etc), and I’m not sure what T-Mobile actually advertises in this coverage area.

  • Thank you SparkFun and TMobile! … Just ordered one.
    (I’m hopeful (hint.hint) that just maybe sparkFun is cooking something up to offer a reasonably priced cellular hardware+service package that is easily integrated into uC-sized pacakges, and could be a feed to phant.io (sparkFun’s “cloud” data service) or my own back-end.)

    I have soooo many projects that need wireless (cellular) remote data transfer, but they’re low volume (100s of units), low-priced ($100s devices), low data volume (<50MB) and speed requirements… hard to justify the cellular data transfer when the cost of comms.hardware is 10x more than the cost of the device itself, and then to add $50/month service per device … I can’t sell that.

    Looking at your available cellular module SM5100B and BoB too pricey at ~$120 and from comments seems a bit iffy. Why can’t there be an offering in the $50 range, small, simple, and stable availability (10+ year lifecycle). And then add a reasonably priced (<$10/mon) service plan from the carrier (T-Mobile/ AT&T / VZW) … only need 3G or less speeds, and low volume (<50 MB per month) … why pay for 10GB??? $50/mon?

    Enabling the smaller embedded sensors with cellular service, will drive the Internet of Things (IoT) … (billions of devices/sensors sending data)

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