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  • Thank you! The Edison looks like a great processor, and with level shifting I won't have to make my own block.

  • I believe that this board will power the motors. 24V at 250w is a hair over 10 amps per motor. The TRex has 18 amp per motor with up to 40 amps stall. If my initial tests go well, I will be using this board to control wheelchair motors at around your power.

    I'm curious what you're doing? I'm going to be making a large overpowered, somewhat dangerous robot for use in the house.

  • Much as I hate to ask this of such a perfect product: is there some soft plastic treads I could buy for this to make it less loud and not damage the floors? Some of us have wives... :)

  • Thank you. I'll wait for a version with the HUB-EE connectors to come out.

  • I am of the feeling that the board should have had the Hub-ee connectors on the board. To save money, perhaps the pinouts that you have now could also be there. That way one could use the connectors or use the wires.

    If the headers had been there, I would have purchased it tonight. Without the headers, it doesn't seem worth it because I can connect the cables from my boards just as I do now.

  • Much as I hate to say it, the seized MMs were designed to look like Flukes. As someone else pointed out, it cost money for the manufacturers to do this. They could have easily made it another color.

    I may not agree with our current IP laws, but both Customs and Fluke were acting within the law. And a company or individual has a right to protect its trademarks.

  • Can I use this product to plug into the console serial port of a BeagleBone Black?

    If not, can I add a TX/RX switching PCB to do this?

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