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  • Thanks for your help, your tip about the firmware was spot on. I updated to .57 firmware and it worked. So I re-downloaded the.59 firmware from your website and installed that. Now everything is working great and thanks again for making the firmware change so that files do not loop automatically. I was at the .56 version of firmware so I do not know if upgrading to the .57 and then .59 version is what fixed it or if maybe I just had a bad firmware file. I did notice that the .59 firmware file I just installed took about 3-5 seconds more time to install than the previous .59 firmware version that I installed. This version also displayed more verbose messages regarding the update process In summary, thanks for the quick replies and the help. I am going to use this on my project since the Wav Trigger will reduce the development time significantly. The timing could not have been better.

  • The new software allows me to talk to board serially. In the past, I could not talk to it. I ordered an FTDI basic to make sure it was not my cable and it still would not communicate. The new software resolved that issue since I was on comm port 24. I updated the firmware to the latest version and now the board will not communicate with the Remote software with the switch in run. The ability to initiate manual triggers is lost as well. I added an ini file and a few wav files again to be sure. The button on the board also does trigger any audio where before I think it triggered the first wav file. I put the switch to load, I can install firmware again. I tried to load firmware and then go back to run (power cycle) several times but it still does will not play audio. Due to customer time restraints, I will have to use another product for this project but I wanted you to know the issues that I was having. Once all of this is worked out, it looks to be a nice product.

  • I have an FTDI cable that has the same pin out as the FTDI basic. I can connect the cable to an arduino ethernet (com port 15) and verify a sletch. I use the cable for the wav trigger and it does not even provide power. The only thing I ghet is Com port could not be opened. I have Com 1 on the computer and do not get that message, The software has the test button become active (of course it does not work since com 1 is not used but an actual serial port). I hooked up power to the din jack and it powers up but it still does not communicate. Since I can only do a firmware update via FTDI, I am now stuck. I am honestly thinking of just cutting my losses and going with a wav shield and an Arduino UNO. Your excellent support is the key reason I want to stay with this and make it work.

  • The board was going to be used to play a random audio file when 1 of 4 vehicle doors are opened. The trigger goes go low eventually but I have no idea how long the car door will be opened for. The hope was to play the audio one time on each trigger to on event. If all door inputs in parallel then they are wired to one input (random). If each door wired to its own input, then not sure about what happens if they are each programmed to play a specific track. If you think you will do a firmware upgrade, I will order the FTDI basic. I have a USB to FTDi cable that I use for Ethernet Arduino’s. I soldered the 6 pin header on the Wav Trigger but the cable does not work with the Wav Trigger and will work with the Ethernet Arduino.

  • When a trigger is active, the audio file assigned to that trigger keeps repeating as long as the trigger is on. I need a oneshot function where it plays once each time the trigger goes low to high. I thought this would be edge triggered but not the case. I really do not want to resort to using an Arduino as well since I bought this board to eliminate the Arduino from the customers application. Any work arounds?

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