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  • You can find my code here;

    CANopen control MAxon EPOS2, Sparkfun CANshield and Seeedstudio CAN library

  • I just completed a project with Arduino Uno, CANbus shield and using de Seeedstudio CAN library controlling a maxon EPOS2 servodrive via CANopen. Works perfectly for me.

    CANopen is just another way of using the 8 available databytes of an CAN message. Also the CAN ID’s used, have to confrom the CANopen specification.

    The Seedstudio CAN library allows to receive messages on interupt, or polled. The interrupt method did not work for me, as I missed messages. Using polled reception and configuring the CAN message filters correctly worked best.

    CANopen also allows messages to be Synced with the CANopen master (in this case my Arduino). You can control teh CAN busload very nicely in using this meganism. I was able to send dat and receive status messages with 100Hz using a pre-stored motion profile on the uSD card.

    I could share my code if you would like?

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