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  • So, in the picture, I see three screws, though I expect that there is another one in the hole behind the shaft. Are those screws for mounting or do they hold the assembly together?

    Thanks, -Grayson

  • 50 kg? I'm assuming that means it can handle the force of a mass of 50kg at the acceleration of gravity, or 490 Newtons of force. Is that right?

  • So where is this free IMU firmware? I have one of these on you larger board but have not been able to get my software to a point where the data is accurate enough for my application. Gyro drift is my main problem. I have tried implementing some filters but have not been successful yet.

  • Is this thing really static sensitive like it says in the datasheet? Isn't it just a bunch of LEDs?

  • I am using your CMOS camera module; so the output is RCA.

  • Is it possible to record video using OpenLog? I have one and want to use it to record videos and or pictures. Is there a way to do this? In all the examples that I have seen, it is only used to record characters.

  • What! I clicked on the link at 10:00 and when the page opened, the product was only available for back order. I though I had missed it. Was it available?

  • I'v had my own experience with the 555's tolerance issues. My first electronic project was making a capacitance meter from scratch based on the 555 timer. It involved logic gates, counters, and some quad IC switches. It basically took the endurance of the on cycle and the known resistor values to find the capacitance of the capacitor. It was a extensive and complex project but it worked exactly as I had planned...except that I hadn't counted on the 555's tolerance range. It made the capacitance readings inconsistent and the project non-practical. However, it was a good experience and it was neat to realize that if the one part had been more precise, the project would have been a success.

  • Lol, nice video, that's one way to get your employees blood flowing ;)

  • Oh, never mind, those two pins have been confusing me like crazy.

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