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  • What! I clicked on the link at 10:00 and when the page opened, the product was only available for back order. I though I had missed it. Was it available?

  • I'v had my own experience with the 555’s tolerance issues. My first electronic project was making a capacitance meter from scratch based on the 555 timer. It involved logic gates, counters, and some quad IC switches. It basically took the endurance of the on cycle and the known resistor values to find the capacitance of the capacitor. It was a extensive and complex project but it worked exactly as I had planned…except that I hadn’t counted on the 555’s tolerance range. It made the capacitance readings inconsistent and the project non-practical. However, it was a good experience and it was neat to realize that if the one part had been more precise, the project would have been a success.

  • Lol, nice video, that’s one way to get your employees blood flowing ;)

  • Oh, never mind, those two pins have been confusing me like crazy.

  • Hey Sparkfun, you might want to look at your Rx and Tx connections in your schematic. I think you have DOUT and DIN reversed.

  • Ok, What is the most accurate GPS you sell Sparkfun?

  • How can the raspberry pi be priced for the same amount as the raspberry pi 2 and still be expected to sell? The 2 seems to be an all around better choice.

  • So will communication be affected if one module is traveling a few hundred miles an hour? Will the Doppler effect cause malfunction?

  • Digi-Key sells all three lepton models for 175$ and 183$. Combine that with the 48$ breakout you described above and you can get the camera and breakout 231$

  • Captain America off duty…or trying to stay off duty. “they need me out there”

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