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English, and some Yiddish, also Klingon and sometimes a few others.

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Pascal, BASIC, and VEE (A graphic test and measurement language, also VB.


Too many to list here.




Computers, hardware for them, and SciFI, see the site for Doctor Who at the BBC for more hints.



  • Is this fellow wearing the same chip as the LiPo Fuel Gauge TOL#10617?

  • It seems that the lines are a zig-zag arrangement of the standard series of LCD displays. To make it work for the serial backpack, I simply need to connect the same pin points on it to the ones on the serial backpack. Would someone please confirm this?

  • Not just those dangerous little pests my friend. It is a whole collection of batteries coming out of several places that are doing it.

    Take a look at what happened with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, as it applies to her battery box and you’ll see why. It presumably contains a considerable number of the large cylindrical ones that you showed us there. And several times it exploded and burned….. Messy.

    The transport methods that you describe will be difficult to implement and worse annoying to your customers, myself and everyone else.

  • Yes but NKK makes them and they are difficult to use.

  • In both the Arduino and the Netduino locations we have examples who control an LED. I thought why not combine them? Have the button wear the RED (its always a RED LED in most examples.) LED and that way things will be complete.

  • This is retired. Who was its replacement?

  • Well the board works when powered via the barrel power connector. However connecting it to a FTDI friend that was bought for a completely different project and instructing the Arduino software to believe its talking to a Uno produces this error: Binary sketch size: 1,084 bytes (of a 32,256 byte maximum) avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00

    Now what? Is it possible something is not quite right? I followed the instructions to the letter.

  • The site for the new Internet of Things via Sparkfun mentions many things. And indeed they are sold via Sparkfun. But no Parallax Propeller? Its faster and reasonably easier to program then the Arduino.

    There is also the Netduino as well……

  • I find it rather ironic that they were in stock on Friday when I first discovered them here. And they are now out of stock.

  • @ARTTEC: What are you looking for? I’ve seen less for ordinary LED devices.