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  • Given my work as an educator, social entrepreneur, and STEAM curriculum designer, I greatly appreciate this post. With regard to the comment below from tz, who expresses concern about pushing girls too far beyond traditional gender stereotypes, saying, ". . . we need fashion designers . . . " I have two points of fact. 1. Fashion designers employ science, technology, engineering and math on the job every day. I've written a curriculum on the bread-and-butter science and math of fashion design for middle school students --- girls and boys. 2. Let's rise above engendering a given occupation.

    The point is not that being a stay-at-home mom is not valuable. The point is that females, as with males, need to be literate and competent in all subjects so they are able to make a genuinely informed decision about their career and life paths. Given 21st century on-the-job demands, the path of least math is no longer an option. Gender stereotypes about who does what need to be laid to rest.

    Heidi A. Olinger CEO, Pretty Brainy, Inc.

  • Love it! My first circuit and, thanks to Dia's instructions, it works beautifully. Thank you!

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