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  • Does this have the same problem the White shield has where the LEDs aren't flush against the board?

  • Hold off on this one. I've got the green LoL shield, and I picked this one up as well. The LEDs in this are not flat on the bottom like in the green shield. The leads do not enter the epoxy package straight, they first make a 90 degree turn which creates two little bumps running down the middle of the bottom. This make it very hard to get all of the LEDs aligned and give it a nice professional look.

  • In 5v mode with a 3.7v cell (the Union 110mah pack to be exact), it draws 7 milliamps with no load! That's less than a days life out of that particular pack.
    Switching to 3.3v mode, the unloaded current draw is 70 microamps, or ~2 months of life. The reason for this, I believe is the PS (power save) feature. The datasheet explicitly mentions that in down convert mode PS is enabled, despite being disabled by virtue of this board design.
    It seems to imply that if you can, run at 3.3 volts. If you have very steady hands, it should be possible to cut the trace to PS and green-wire it to GND.
    It would also be nice if the PS pin were select-able the same way voltage is.

  • You can leave it at 8A, trace widths are current limited, not power limited

  • Why are the reset fuses blown? That makes it damn near impossible to make changes to the firmware.

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