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  • Ok.. I know this has nothing to do with the Product post, but since when has SparkFun become BBS Friendly!, I love the ASCII version of the product images, Brings me back!

  • Can i use this for The high side in my hbridge that im making using the N-channel version of this ? When i use the N-channel for the high side they dont turn on all the way .

  • Awesome. Too bad I already have a lab coat for my robot lab. But when the Ferric acid i use to etch my boards completely destroys it ill be sure to order one of these. but in the mean time:
    WHERE IS MY "Spark Fun" pocket protector?
    i currently use your stickers on my blank ones but you need to sell a nice silk screened one for us to sport.. I dont know about you but i hate it when my teflon lube leeks into my pocket or my scribe pokes a hole into it. . think about it.

  • to answer my own question.. yes ..at 4800 baud

  • This should work for a serial connection between my robot noisy motors and my sensor array that uses 4 sharp infared sensors right? . . im only using 9600 baud? . i need a way to isolate the two . and i dont mind using seperate power sources.

  • Most large companies do, but thats a wussy fire to put out. I worked for a box factory ( yes a cardboard box factory just like on the simpsons). we had to put out a fire 10feet in diameter. That was fun.

  • To use an arduino on this board do i have to desolder the vcio jumper so it can use 5 volt logic?

  • im trying to use this to power a tamiya gear box and to do so i need to get rid of the PTC. how can i safely remove it from the equation?

  • just like these guys can some one save me the frustration and help a brother out with some pinouts.. or at least a simple explanation ? ..

  • I ordered this board from you guys thinking i was going to receive the Duemilanove instead i received the decimilia. This was kind of a let down although the board will work with the application i have planned for it i was just hoping to have the board contained and not have to open it up to switch over to usb power.

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