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  • If someone where to a) cut conductors and put to inside wall opposite each other, and then b) use forethought and place/use conductive mark pen so it is in between blocks so as to not be seen, the power could be put anywhere. (Thinking out loud) I like the blocks, they just need a little more R&D.

  • Nice outcome from both sides. There definitely is room for both in this world. While I would LOVE a $15.00 meter for personal use at home, I would not, and could not use one at work. When taking measurements that if wrong, could and would get yourself and your company fined by the federal government, would you use a $15.00 meter? I do take issue with the broad brush patent with color. This is crazy. If a meter is labeled FLUKE, I know the quality, regardless of color. Conversely, at $15.00 with a yellow and grey color scheme does not a FLUKE make. If you can sieze shipments for yellow/grey, what's stops any other color combo's? FLUKE would be better off dropping, or easing the restriction. When people refer the a DMM as a "FLUKE" generically as a whole, I think you don't have much to worry about.

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