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  • Seeing as how the current expected purchase for 200 units was four days ago, can you provide a current expected arrival date? Thank you for reading.

  • This is a truly a great product. However, I only have three, albeit minor, problems with such a wonderful product. * The datasheet or the attached servo motor isn’t provided. A direct link in the Documents would be nice. A quick search on the Internet shows that the S066NF STD DGServo is a good 56 gram $30+ servo motor rated at 6V/7.2V with torque 13kg/cm (6V) & 13.5kg/cm (7.4V) and speed 0.18 sec/60 degrees (6V) & 0.16 sec/60 degrees (7.2V). * The attached assembly diagram is a bit unclear in how to attach the claw to this product. It did take a while, but it did attack nevertheless. An assembly tutorial would have been perfect. * Although I am unsure whether or not anybody else had the same problem, but the bottom holes that hold the two screws M3 * 30 with two M3 Nylon nuts weren’t perfectly drilled. As a result when attaching my claw, it was slightly angled, not perpendicular. I did find a quick fix by using a small metal plate and extra screws and bolts. Overall a wonderful product combo for anybody looking a robotic claw set. Highly recommended!

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